Our Team

Clarendon Group’s team has nearly three decades of experience advising public and private sector leaders and multi-national organizations ranging from leading biotech companies to the world's most respected philanthropies, colleges and universities. 


We are optimists, experts, talented creators, and strategic thinkers who believe in the power of connected people and ideas.  We produce high quality strategies and products with grace, humor, and efficiency, eager to solve problems and advance novel solutions.

What sets us apart is our expertise and our ability to scout and assess the gaps and white spaces that translate to opportunity. We not only identify those spaces, but mobilize our extensive network of colleagues, collaborators, and partners to fill those information and action gaps. By bringing impact-oriented individuals and organizations together, we use the power of partnerships and collaboration to make a difference. Meet the team below. 

Christine Heenan

Founder & President


Joy E. Fox

Director, Communications Practice


Rachel E.D. Roberts

Director, Social Impact Practice


Carron Mount

Director, Operations


Meg Geoghegan 

Senior Communications Associate  


Gabriella Calvino

Team Coordinator


Pam Boylan Ong

Project Director

Our Affiliates